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Tue Mar 23 14:07:59 PST 2004

>Yeah, I get that reply from the American/English people that I know.
>I guess it helps to live in a country where everyone's native language 
>isn't english.
>Then you don't have to listen to that super-funny pun all the time ;-)
Oh, trust me, non-english speakers turn to english and keep telling me that 
"garbage is garbage". And when they say that they get super-smug and so 
proud of their "funny" comment, and they expect me to get super-angry, which 
I don't cos they sound unbelievably stupid. So when I don't react the way 
they want or expect me to, they get into all kinds of rambles about why that 
comment was funny, and stupid I must be for not having a sense of humor..... 
It's exhausting to listen to.


"Listen to Genie, dear, Genie knows."

>From: Asbjørn Andersen <garbage at pc.dk>
>To: "Trash Talk" <trash-talk at tcp.com>
>Subject: Re: Unfunny Garbage comments... was... [Trash-talk] Vow... Happy 
>Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:15:30 +0100

> > Oh lucky you. I can't count the numbers of times I've heard the 
>"Garbage, oh
> > I bet they're rubbish" *joke*. It's not funny, people, STOP SAYING IT! 
> > followed by "Sorry I just couldn't resist". Yes, you and the other four
> > million comedians in my life. Humph.
> >
> > lou
> > xx
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