[Trash-talk] Vow... Happy Rains

xshirleyxvixenx *~* shirleyvixen at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 19 17:01:57 PST 2004

And tomorrow - 20th March is 9 years since Vow was first released.

That's disgustingly obsessive that I know that. :P

And I mentioned the diaries in my community but I forgot about it here. I 
loved the wee thing about only happy when it rains.


>i don't know the exact official date but we're right around the Garbage 
>10th Anniversary point, aren't we? we should throw a big big party. a 
>cyberparty! if we each baked a cake and placed it in front of our webcam at 
>the same exact moment blowing out the garbage birthday candles and somehow 
>hooked it up to some newfangled web feed, and then we could have a dance 

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