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I was doing a random search under "shirley manson stratocaster" on 
goodle.com and this article came up (a stratocaster is mentioned earlier on 
the page). I'm fairly certain it's an ancient site.


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>Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 20:45:40 +0000
>Well it won't be Come Clean then! That album came out in 1997, 
>tracklisting: Chinese Burn, Coming Up Roses, Something Familiar, Dog Bone, 
>Alligators Getting Up, Dirty High, Killer Baby, Sweetback, Forgotten 
>Sanity, Cotton Candy, Beyond Reach, Come Clean, Recovery. 
>(Universal/Estupendo UMD80475).
>Since then we've had three more albums "Open Day At The Hate Fest", "Gift" 
>and "The New Adventures of Curve". The former and latter were only 
>available directly from the band-designed-and-run website 
>http://www.curve.co.uk/ (check that out for other works by Toni & Dean)
>What is coming out shortly on Universal is "The Way Of Curve" compilation 
>(http://www.curve.co.uk/compilation.htm) featuring 33 selected tracks 
>spanning 13 years of recording.
>As for bathtub gin's comment "It's not like anyone can "own" a sound, so in 
>that sense there was nothing to rip off.  I like Curve but this 
>Garbage-ripped-us-off business is just plain lame and unprofessional."
>Sorry to say this but G did rip off Curve and have almost admitted it a few 
>times :) Doesn't matter that much though as Butch Vig and Alan Moulder (the 
>"third" member of the Curve partnership in TODAL studios - Toni-Dean-Alan 
>get it? - and Toni's husband) are good friends from working together over 
>the years. At one point Butch was even being lined up to produce a Curve 
>LP, or so I'm told.
>Anyway, nice to see interest in Curve picking up again. Heck, I only 
>started listening to Garbage because they reminded me of Curve, and I'm not 
>the only one...
>On 9 Mar 2004, at 20:01, trash-talk-request at tcp.com wrote:
>>Curve -- COME CLEAN [Universal Records]
>>Yes... it is true... Curve have returned to kick Shirley Manson's 
>>goddamned ass. New album, new label, and new sound (sorta) -- they've 
>>moved away slightly from the wall-of-guitar-festooned-with-weird-shit 
>>sound of earlier albums (in other words, the sound pretty much ripped off 
>>wholesale by Garbage). Big guitars abound, yes, but the overall sound is 
>>considerably more chopped-up and sample-dependent than before, and the 
>>beats have lurched into the vaguely techno territory.
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