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Hey has anyone seen Lou recently?

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I'd already started this thread a few days ago. Are people completely 
ignoring me? :P


believe it, i need it, i feel intoxicated
i love it, i want it, dont make me leave you for it

for a long time i was in love
not only in love
i was obsessed

ive got to make a point these days
to extricate myself
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>Subject: [Trash-talk] Let's Not Hold Back...
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>All right so come on my trashy people let's go through every title and say 
>what the title makes us think about what's to come.  It'll be fun, I 
>Hands On A Hard Body - I'm not the biggest fan of this title, either.  It 
>does have a Shirley feel to it, but it has kind of that 
>Shirley-as-she's-really-been-into-hip-hop kind of feel to it.  It's a 
>little high on the cheese factor.I prefer the simpler titles like Version 
>2.0...that was a great title.
>Be my Bad Boyfriend - This one sounds kind of cheesy too.  I get the 
>feeling this might be the duet, something I'm also not really looking 
>forward to.  It makes me think of something I'd hear in a shitty bar in the

>Run - Nice and simple.  It seems like it could be the more rock song on the

>Why don't you come over - I like this one because it seems cheeky and sexy,

>that's the Garbage I love.  I could see this one having more flowing 
>melodies.  I would hope it would be flowing over a nice crunchy guitar 
>riff, though.
>Guilty - This one's ambiguous, it could either be one the self-defeating G 
>tracks or one of the harder anger driven ones...either way I have high 
>It's all over but the Crying. - This one brings to mind Cup of Coffee to 
>me.  Maybe a ballad.
>Sex is not the Enemy - This one should be fun, I have hopes for something 
>like Sleep Together, but I think that's just because it has sex in the 
>Hanging with the Bitches - I fear this one as well for the same reason as 
>Be my Bad Boyfriend.  It seems like it has kind of a Winger feeling to it.

>On the other hand I have this feeling that this is Nala's favorite.
>Why don't you love Me. - This one sounds like it's also going to be slower 
>and desperate, kind of like YLSF or SLAR (So Like A Rose, I don't think 
>we've used that one yet.)
>Calling All Girls - This one makes me think of Blondie, it does sound fun.

>It sounds dancey.
>HoneyBee - This one makes me think of Can't Seem To Make You Mine; the way 
>Shirl's vocals were super chorus-ey with a lot of effects on it, all coated

>in sound.  yeah.
>Bleed Like Me - I have high hopes for this one as well.  I miss my dark 
>Garbage, not that I mind their more upbeat less dark songs like Parade,  
>but I guess there's still part of me longing for the stuff I got into them 
>for back when I was 12.
>Right Between the Eyes - I don't really know what I think of this one.Seems

>like a more spite driven song, maybe a faster paced song.
>Space Can come Through Anyone - This one makes me think of the bridge in 
>Begging Bone where Shirl's vocals are double tracked but the vocals have 
>slightly different timings and also that bit in Use Me where the guitar 
>sort of trickles up. I really like both of those so I think this one will 
>be good.
>Nobody Can Win - This one seems like the good old 
>everyone's-basically-fucked-anyway-so-why-bother type of song.  I actually 
>like those, because when you have a shitty ot's nice to come home and put 
>on a track that shows you someone else feels the same way.
>There you have it.  Now someone else go.
>"I'm the one screaming the white noise; the din that puts you to sleep at 
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