[Trash-talk] death of everything garbage

Stefanie Schwartz skull at spastica.net
Thu Jul 22 18:12:44 PDT 2004

the site is gone... does not mean i don't love garbage anymore, it means it hadn't been updated in 2 years and frankly i don't have the time or the motivation anymore... tour journal still remains, i remain, and perhaps future garbage projects remain, but for now there was no real reason to keep it up.  it was a fun 8-9 or so years though.
kinda sad but something i felt like i needed to get done.  i may put some stuff in the directory though.  we shall see.
still hotly anticipating the 4th garbage album though.  sources tell me it is insanely good, although these sources are probably insanely biased.
back to that life i supposedly have.
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