[Trash-talk] Hotties of 95 posted to abmg

Mike M newbie61 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 22:52:30 PDT 2004

Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 11:36:07 PM, Michele wrote:

> The few precious seconds of Shirley on VH1's I Love 95 have been
> posted to alt.binaries.music.garbage as an SVCD.

oof.  :o

If you want that, what Michele has posted today, or anything that might
be posted in the near future (read: check the group regularly if you
either don't already do that, or if you aren't on the hub 24/7) and
don't have a decent news server to download from (and perhaps are to
lazy to use biggulp, or any of the Teranews servers (which require
credit cards; see alt.free.newsservers)), newstest2.earthlink.net should
work (it may take a while to connect, but once your in (I suggest using
BNR2), it should be fast. Dunno how long it'll be up, though).

http://www.vw.com/debut/index.htm :)

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