[Trash-talk] Garbage by Alien Sex Fiend

Michele VR5SBloom at aol.com
Sat Jul 10 18:57:50 PDT 2004

In celebration of the karaoke group (yeah, I know, wtf) leaving 
alt.binaries.music.garbage, I am currently posting the song "Garbage" by 
the band Alien Sex Fiend. It is available on two different releases, one 
$30 double album, and a much shorter album. I never wanted to shell out 
$30 but finally managed to find a copy of the shorter album used. The next 
day I found another used album with a live version of it. Bah. Mebbe I'll 
get that one some other time ::P

Anyway, my long search has come to an end and I wanted to share. I did 
search for it on file-sharing apps and always only found the Garbage 
b-side. The RealAudio file I had of it from Streaming Garbage is long 
gone, I think. Enjoy!


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