[Trash-talk] G back at Smart Studios

Michele VR5SBloom at aol.com
Wed Jul 7 22:27:11 PDT 2004

Pretend we couldn't tell from the upcoming KIAB show...


Studio B is finally ready to go!!!  Due to the hard work of Mike, Jay and 
Lonya, the studio looks and sounds terrific!  Madison recording artist 
Mark Croft used the studio this past week to record four songs (with 
production help from Jay Arnold), and he was very pleased with the 
results.  Feel free to contact the studio if you would like more 
information on this studio option for your recording.

Garbage is due back to Smart in a few weeks to work on material for their 
latest release.  The B-52's Kate Pierson is also scheduled to work for a 
few days this month, as are other artists such as Sailor Harlette, 
Heathrow, and Tabakin.

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