[Trash-talk] Where are they now?

Frank T. Rambøl frank at d-fect.com
Thu Jan 29 02:22:44 PST 2004

I have been a member since 95/96 or thereabouts, but think I have sent at
most 112 mails to this list.

If I remember correct I was quite active when they released the first album,
then lulled a while. The increased my posting frequency again when Version
2.0 came out. After that I have mostly lurked in my dark room only lit up by
my computer screen.

I pop up from time to time though to voice my opinion or beg for money :)

But anyways, what I wanted to say Chrissy is that nobody here bites so post
away. We may bark, but that is just to say hello in our own loving way.

- Frankster

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I've actually been on this list for quite some time,
but it always feels like everyone else knows eachother
on here, so I just read about Garbage news.  I feel
silly just randomly jumping in, yet i hate feeling
like a 'lurker' by not talking.  :(  EEP!  

You guys are a great source for garbage stuff, and
it's always nice to know that others share the same
passion for the band.

Swiss Miss

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