[Trash-talk] DH photoshoot in Edinburgh (NGR)

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Sat Jan 24 17:16:21 PST 2004

Hi guys. We spent the day out shooting pictures in Edinburgh and thought
some of you might be interested.








Another day out shooting pictures.


First up a really cool panorama, taken from the slope below Edinburgh Castle
of the whole of Princes Street;


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh-panorama.jpg (3mb, full
resolution 3000x11000px)


This picture was taken just below the castle, looking up at the exit from
the castle carpark where the path zig-zags down to the gardens. Just *loved*
the light:


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh10.jpg (1500kb, 3072x2048px)


Leith district of the city, where we live. Shot across the Shore (where all
the trendy bars are). This boat used to have a cool place to eat on it, but
it was shut down a few years ago:


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh3.jpg (350kb, 1536x1024)


The following pictures were taken at the wonderful graveyard at Edinburghs'
West End.


Hope they didn't mind you shooting their private moment:


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh4.jpg (350kb, 1536x1024)




http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh5.jpg (350kb, 1536x1024)


Why this was here I have no idea. Maybe for squishing zombies? It was short
of left in the middle of nowhere:


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh6.jpg  (350kb, 1536x1024)




http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh7.jpg  (350kb, 1536x1024)


I loved these tiny cobbles on the road going down to the graveyard:


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh8.jpg (350kb, 1536x1024)


Wonder what smashed its way out of this!?


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh11.jpg  (350kb, 1536x1024)


East Coast train line, that goes through the heart of the city below the


http://www.dhnewmedia.com/images/art/edinburgh9.jpg  (350kb, 1536x1024)



Shell & Sirin


shell @ the garbage fan site





Shell Bryson

New Media Designer





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