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Well, ideas. Well -w hat do you like? You like garbage for one thing. Write 
about that. And not something really duff like "I love Garbage. They make me 
happy Rah Rah." Do it in an abstract way, using abstract terms, imagery etc. 
Use pronouns instead of proper nouns when referring to people or whatever. 
The personal pronoun "You" can mean anything and anyone and it works. This 
makes no sense I bet. Sorry.

Or just start to sing. And just keep singing. It's like telling a story in 
the end. make up a random tune and let it go. I sing all the time and more 
often than not I'm making it up as I go along. I sound like a wanker but I 
have plenty of things to write about!

And on the subject of novels, Shell, I can relate! I have one which is 
perfectly finished but I can't do anythign with it. It's slightly too 
infantile and I have another which is pretty long and pretty enjoybale 
(modesty modesty) but I know the ending I just can't think what I'm goign to 
do with her to get her there! Aaargh! Someday - maybe when I'm 30 (!!) you 
will be reading about Sephora but until then, *sighs*


believe it, i need it, i feel intoxicated
i love it, i want it, dont make me leave you for it

for a long time i was in love
not only in love
i was obsessed

ive got to make a point these days
to extricate myself
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>I would think it hard to write a song if you don't have any ideas.
>Maybe you should write a song about having no ideas?
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>At least you have ideas....
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