[Trash-talk] MTV2's Top 22 Greatest CDs

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My news server doesn't carry binary groups. Anyone else downloading this, or
care to upload it to the DH FTP box?

I'd then be very happy to give positive feedback :)

shell @ the garbage fan site
Shell Bryson
New Media Designer

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Yesterday (well, Tuesday) Michele was sulking because she couldn't
post to the list (spaminator)... and I think that what she was going
to say was that she posted a video of Garbage from MTV2's Greatest
CDs (135 MB, 3:01, MPEG-2 VBR (6-Mbit average)) to the newsgroup (on
the evening of the 12th), and also that she'll never speak to anyone
on this list or in the group again if she doesn't get any
constructive feedback on the video! (If this is not what she was
going to say, then I'm not who you think I am! :D )



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