[Trash-talk] Help me (spread the word)

Frank T. Rambøl frank at d-fect.com
Sun Jan 4 23:47:35 PST 2004

OK, ladies and germs.

I don't know how you will take this mail, but I don't have anything to lose
so I figured I will give it a try.

What I ask is that you help me spread the word so that I might get a
solution to the problem I describe in my website. I'll give the short
version here.

1. I have been stupid and borrowed some money.
2. I met the girl of my dreams a little over a year ago.
3. Shortly after I lost my job.
4. I can't pay my bills.
4. I and can't be with the girl I want to marry and are afraid to lose her.

The whole story can be found on my website http://d-fect.com/

I don't expect you to send me money, but I hope you can help me with
spreading the word so that Bernadette and me can be together again and live
a happy life together.

Regards and many thanks,

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