[Trash-talk] Re: Please cut back the ngr posts

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Fri Feb 20 00:20:16 PST 2004

I'll probably agree with you there Elfie. A lot of us know each other in
here personally, so it does seem sort of odd that there have been
complaints. If people are that bothered, they are welcome to leave. I'd
rather not see some of the "old timers" like yourself leaving. You, like
Sirin and me and some others in here are part of the Garbage furniture! If
people start leaving, then this place is dead, right now.

The new "Garbage.com" site will (most likely) have an active mail list as
Sirin and I will be driving this later in the year, so maybe those offended
by "off topic" posts can wait around for that to be ready.

shell @ the garbage fan site
Shell Bryson
New Media Designer
wilson king garbagebase at yahoo.com if you can email me some of those 
politics updates personnally that would be nice since the list is being 
censored and people seemed so shocked by NGR posts (I think there are less 
NRG posts now than there ever was) they are leaving. (I mean, you just have 
to delete the message when you read NRG or when you're not please with the 
subject line). So I'm not going to post on trash talk ever again (or for now

at least, anyway I have not been posting much for the past three years, I 
used to). Not even about Garbage. I know you don't care about that, I just 
mean this is the reason why I've decided to disapear from this list (but I'm

still doing the fanclub, so people can email me about it if they want 
updates, and I will get someone to provide updates too if needed). I loved 
this list, and I loved the fact we could talk about everything, not just 
Garbage, and this subject particularly and genuinely interested me, because 
I like to know what is going on in this world and read people's opinions ...

oh well do I need to explain. nevermind. I'm probably overreacting but this 
upset me. (and I was already in a really bad mood over some similar things 
but on a bigger scale so urghhh).



"I will
Lay me down
In a bunker
I won't let this happen to my children
Meet the real world coming out of your shell
With white elephants
Sitting ducks
I will
rise up
Little babies eyes eyes eyes eyes"
I WILL (by the best band in the world, but my favourite will always remain 
Garbage! :)

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