[Trash-talk] ngr Americas Sweetheart....was it worth the wait?

Rouge girl HUGH at converyh.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 19:55:51 PST 2004

I really like Mono! And I also like Hold on to Me, Almost Golden, Hello, and Life Dispite God. All of the album is really good, but I wish she had done more of the lyrics by herself like Hold on to Me. It's not quite as good as Live Through This, but the girl is showing real potential on her own.  I adore the video for Mono, its really funny, she knows how to work her rep into everything.

Overall, I think the album could have been better, but I still really like it. What happened to Brody Dalle's appearance? Lol, not that I missed her, i think she's just a second rate Courtney.

Melissa Auf De Mar's new project is strange, the new song is good, but its um..well hard to describe...she needs to put more emotion into her vocals. Lol, I dont like the crazy rockstar silhouettes of her in the video though.

Wee Lou
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  (released last week in the UK)

  yes it was!  :)
  my fav tracks so far...Hold on to me,Almost golden, Hello

  what do garbage fans think?  :)

  ~Malibu Girl~ 


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