[Trash-talk] OT: Why I don't want to visit USA, ever, any more

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Wed Feb 4 09:58:53 PST 2004

We get rather paranoid when people want to kill us.


>* EFF Privacy Advisory: "US VISIT" - Passport to Database Nation?
>The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has introduced a new
>border control program that sets a dangerous precedent: the creation
>of an essentially permanent database of biometrically identifying
>records.  The program, called "US VISIT," effectively treats every
>non-U.S. citizen to cross the border as a criminal suspect.
>How does US VISIT work?  Upon entry into the U.S. by air or sea,
>each foreign citizen is photographed, fingerprinted and checked
>for a match with criminal, terrorist and immigration "watch lists."
>Whether or not an individual is deemed to have done anything
>illegal, the information gathered during this process is then
>placed in a government dossier that will be kept on file for
>75-80 years.
>"Not only does US VISIT ignore the rights of foreign citizens, it's
>precisely the sort of program that federal law enforcement has
>repeatedly pushed for U.S. citizens," said EFF Washington Policy
>Liaison Lisa Dean.  "If US VISIT is successful, the next step
>could be a national ID system, or 'internal passport,' based on
>biometric identifiers."
>"The government's privacy impact assessment report on US-VISIT makes
>it clear that the current version of the program is only its first
>phase, and that the information it collects will be widely shared
>with any government or law enforcement bodies that have a use for
>it," added EFF Senior Attorney Lee Tien.  "This is the perfect
>recipe for mission creep."
>Edward Hasbrouck's "Practical Nomad" weblog:
>DHS Privacy Impact Assessment of US VISIT:
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