[Trash-talk] Queen Helen rocks and rolls, and rules

wilson king garbagebase at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 14:46:29 PST 2004

Hey Kids!

Queen Helen is back with a vengeance, wow! I just got the new issue
yesterday and it is big! And, get this, it comes with a DVD!! I haven't
watched it yet, but apparently it has all the videos so far and a
number of live clips... I can't wait to put it in the player and check
it out. Heck if Garbage won't put out their videos on a DVD, leave it
to some dedicated fans to come to the rescue... Great Job Elfie, very

Those of you in the Queen Helen fanclub, lookout for a nice package
coming your way. 

Anyway just a heads up.  Getting excited for the new record. 

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 - Plato, The Republic

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