[Trash-talk] VOw 7"

Kait! Hollander kati1014 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 28 08:05:09 PDT 2004

Hey gang.  Some of you may remember me from when I used to post 
occasionally.  I've been lurking in digest mode for some time now.
I've got an unopened (by me) 7" metal case Vow record that I am looking to 
sell.  I bought it a few years back at a used record store when I found the 
rubber subhuman and i was so excited I just bought both of them.  However, i 
am not attached to Vow as much.  As far as i know it is in perfect 
condition, the plastic wrap is slightly torn, but it is sealed.  If anyone 
is interested please e-mail me directly, not to the list as I may miss it.  
I am interested in American dollars (I'm in NY), not trade, though I can 
ship it anywhere as long as you are willing to foot the bill.
Thanks guys,
(kati1014 at hotmail.com)

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