[Trash-talk] diaries, smitten-swooning, kings of leon, album, etc.

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 28 13:10:09 PDT 2003

i got totally behind on *everything* this past week or so. i went to
garbage.com and was certain that i'd missed a studio diary posting, but
there was nothing new posted. i was surprised.

in re-reading shirley's last set of entries, i was smitten by her use of the
word 'swoon' and i swooned myself. oh neat.

and she mentioned THE KINGS OF LEON and it's making me crazy now -- where
was i just reading about them??? i think it was in the local weekly, THE
STRANGER. i must discover more. i had already made, and lost, a mental note
about them and then *wooosh* shirley mentions them too. kooky.

hey - maybe shirley *did* write new diaries but they're gonna pop up in some
mainstream music magazine instead of online. it seems like we should be
getting some garbage media buzz action soon, since we're approaching the
point of completion of the new album (or not! haha).

swooning once again

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