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there was also a story @ NME.com with the heading 'nirvana studios reduced
to rubble after freak accident'. talk about *total hype and
misrepresentation*. but at least the article itself is factual, and includes
(on the web page) a small photo of butch, taken by shirley. was this the one
that stefanie talked about seeing? hmm .. anyway, the story's reprinted
below, and the URL is

hey, has anyone heard 'paris texas'? what a groovy bandname. makes me think
of elfie. i can't explain.




The studio where NIRVANA recorded part of 'NEVERMIND' has been demolished in
a freak accident involving a 10-tonne truck.

Smart Studios, in Madison, Wisconson, were ruined last week when the truck
veered off the road after hitting a car at a busy junction near the complex.

The studio, owned by Garbage drummer and producer Butch Vig, has seen a
succession of greats pass through its doors. Nirvana went into the studio in
April 1990 and recorded for a week with Vig at the controls. 'Polly' came
out of the sessions. U2, Beck and Smashing Pumpkins have also worked in

Garbage have been working on new album, the follow-up to 2001's
'beautifulgarbage', at the studio. Dramatically, they had left just an hour
before the truck hit.

Our exclusive photo, taken by singer Shirley Manson, show the downstairs
studio completely destroyed. Damage is estimated at around $50,000.

Vig told NME.COM: "I got woken up at three in the morning by a call from the
security guard there who said, 'Man you better get down the studio - a
truck's just gone into your studio'."

The 'Nevermind' producer added: "If it had been three days earlier, there
would have been a band called Paris Texas in the downstairs studio and
Garbage would have been upstairs. It would have killed them."

"Luckily there was no-one in the studio at the time," he added.

This is latest drama in a long line of misfortunes to befall the legendary
studios. In the past ten years, the walls have been hit by host of vehicles
careering off the road, including a stray boat trailer and several drunk
drivers. "We persevere here. I got here one day to find a flood had put
eight feet of water in the basement," said Vig.

The new as-yet-untitled Garbage album is due to be released in
February/March next year and Vig describes it as "a lot noisier and darker,
less poppy than the last album."

Published: 25-09-2003-10-00


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> I found this on the website to my local alternative
> station. I only clicked it to read what happened when
> I realized it was Smart Studios they were taking
> about. I can't believe they would label it as a
> Nirvana studio instead of Garbage studio. BUTCH OWNS
> IT, not Nirvana! That made me angry.

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