[Trash-talk] Example of Garbage Ignored by Press

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Wasn't it just an ISO booth that was wrecked? And didn't it happen at 7 in 
the morning? That article was totally ludicrus. It sounded absolutely 
dreadful. Shirley just laughed at it, didn't she? *rolls eyes*
Norwegian press didn't even bother mentioning it. Needless to say, Garbage 
aren't very popular here. I've been trying for ages to make them write even 
the tiniest mention of them, but no, they ignore me. When Garbage were 
opening their tour here, however, they did get a whole page dedicated to 
them. Half that page was a picture of Shirley and they state that "the 
sexiest woman in rock is coming to Norway!". It was a cute little article. 
However, the concert review apalled me. With comments such as "hermafroditic 
Sherilyn Manson", "without Manson the Amercian Garbage would have been 
reduced to a one-dimentional and unexciting band", "garbage are 
frighteningly grandiose bordering to boring, but they're efficient and 
[can't figure out how to properly translate this last part, so this is the 
closest I could get] well-oiled in all joints. And with a frontfigure like 
Manson it's hard to go wrong. Her voice isn't all that, but she gives 
everything and communicates well with the fans", "this was the second gig 
Garbage did with drummer Jimmy Chamberlain from the split band Smashing 
Pumpkins". And in the end they sum up that "this gig should have had a 
bigger crowd", 2000 out of 6000 tickets were sold, and a dice roll 5. I find 
their reviews really strange, they go on and on throughout the artickle 
bashing them and saying how lousy they are and then they go out saying it 
was a gig wel worth watching... They did the same thing when I went to see 
Michael Jakcson many, many years ago.. Two full pages about how much he 
sucked and a dice roll 6??? It pisses me off.

Ok, end rant...


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