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petra petra at houston.rr.com
Tue Sep 9 08:14:14 PDT 2003

I saw that too!! Seeing how I'm from Texas... I felt like.. whoa!!!
Y'ALL!! *giggles madly* and just yesterday I was listening to the Dallas
11/4 show when Lauren gave her a starbucks voucher and the lil note says
"Garbage, Y'all are the best..." and shirley read it outloud... how cute

It's great to hear her say yall... HEHE!

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Excuse me..."y'all"???? *shrugs* Howdy y'all!


"Hello? Operator? Give me the number for nine-one-one!!!"
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>"Earlier on today I received a suggestion to check out a Garbage fan
site @ 
>subhuman.net and was shocked to see how great it is.It blows my brains
>to see how creative y'all are out there! I love it! Keep it
>makes me feel really wonderful!!!!! "
>Shell & Sirin
>@ www.subhuman.net
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