[Trash-talk] Garbage on Rockpalast?

blisteringheat blisteringheat at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 24 16:46:01 PDT 2003

Well not that it will matter to me personally, but I voted for the Bizarre
Festival 1996. STILL the best version of Trip My Wire ever. Hmm, think I
need to go throw in that CD.  :)


when did i get perverted
i can't remember your name
i'm growing introverted
you touch my hand but it's not the same...

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> Date: 10/24/2003 5:34:48 PM
> Subject: [Trash-talk] Garbage on Rockpalast?
> Hi all,
> Rockpalast will be broadcasting a "Wish Night" in the weekends
> surrounding Christmas on the German tv station WDR. As Garbage have
> played three times at a concert that was recorded by Rockpalast, we can
> of course choose those! The three Garbage gigs to choose from are
> Bizarre Festival 1996 (listed as Butzweiler Hof Köln), Philipshalle
> Düsseldorf 1996 and Loreley 1998.
> So when we all vote for a Garbage gig, chances are that they may
> actually broadcast it again! You can vote at at
> http://www.rockpalast.de/wunsch/index.phtml. The site is in German. The
> only things you have to do is choose a concert from the list, then enter
> your name, city and e-mail in the boxes below. If you want you can enter
> the reason you chose this concert and maybe some greetings for people in
> the large box at the bottom. Abschicken means Submit, but as it is the
> only button I guess you'd have figured out that yourselves. ;)
> All go and vote for Garbage!
> Emiel
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