[Trash-talk] Garbage on Rockpalast?

Emiel Hollander emielh at planet.nl
Fri Oct 24 23:34:42 PDT 2003

Hi all,

Rockpalast will be broadcasting a "Wish Night" in the weekends
surrounding Christmas on the German tv station WDR. As Garbage have
played three times at a concert that was recorded by Rockpalast, we can
of course choose those! The three Garbage gigs to choose from are
Bizarre Festival 1996 (listed as Butzweiler Hof Köln), Philipshalle
Düsseldorf 1996 and Loreley 1998.

So when we all vote for a Garbage gig, chances are that they may
actually broadcast it again! You can vote at at
http://www.rockpalast.de/wunsch/index.phtml. The site is in German. The
only things you have to do is choose a concert from the list, then enter
your name, city and e-mail in the boxes below. If you want you can enter
the reason you chose this concert and maybe some greetings for people in
the large box at the bottom. Abschicken means Submit, but as it is the
only button I guess you'd have figured out that yourselves. ;)

All go and vote for Garbage!


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