[Trash-talk] I know what the new album cover will look like!

starvin' at nette bowdowntoanette at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 12 17:31:45 PDT 2003

Or rather, I dreamt about the new album and first single. Found them by 
accident in a CD shop and of course, had to buy them. The first single is a 
very bright pink, bordering to white shades cover. Don't remember any 
titles, but there were two versions of the single and the second version was 
called "reloaded" for some strange reason. It had two remixes and two 
b-sides apart from the single song. The album cover was an image, not sure 
if it was of the band or some artistic thing, but anyway, the cover was in 
different shades of blue.
But anyway, I didn't buy them. Turned out I had forgotten my wallet in the 
car and before I could find it I woke up... :(


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