[Trash-talk] Re:album completion ramble..........

Ian Abbott iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 9 21:18:46 PDT 2003

Well my source said they had around 5 to 6 tracks laid down but Butch is
tweaking them to his standard infinitesimal levels meaning hell will
probably freeze over before he's happy (or they'll just have to wait til he
leaves the studio and lock the door)... As for screwing labels out of studio
costs that would be all well and good, but what label are Garbage officially
signed to these days? Interscope? After all, Mushroom UK is no more, so who
*is* paying for the production?


on 7/10/03 10:36 pm, Susan Senn at kanuz at hotmail.com wrote:
> My inside, Madison source (I'm so hooked up anymore ;) said that had barely
> begun recording.  That they actually have a sneaky system that would explain
> why they take so long to record.  I don't want to blow it, but... think
> about what expenses record labels cover, and think about what certain member
> of Garbage own...then go "Ohhh those sneaky bastards."  Anyway it will take
> them an uber-long time to post-produce it, isn't that what took V2.0 so
> long?Susan

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