[Trash-talk] Smart Studios 'backhoe incident' in latest RollingStone "Random Notes"

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 6 12:49:02 PDT 2003

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> late OCTOBER?  does he mean THIS MONTH?
> pb
> > And a mention of the album being completed sometime in
> > late October, I think.

sorry i don't have the article in front of me to quote - but i'm pretty sure
rolling stone said 'late october'.

that's been the forcasted finish time/target all along. so rolling stone was
reporting what's been the story since album buzz from earlier this year. but
the actual release date has been stated as being early next year.

shirley just wrote in her studio diaries that they're all taking a few weeks
off. this could mean either that they're close to being finished, or that
they won't be done at the end of october. she was just talking about work on
individual tracks. so the recording process is still in motion. i hope
they're having fun.


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