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> Wow, Shirley looked awesome! I wonder how recent that
> footage was. She looks great! It makes me eager for
> more Shirley!

Me, too - absolutely my exact feeling. And I see that you corrected your
typo, haha. Well, I think the footage was quite recent, judging from the
hair coloring. She looked fabulous. I just wrote this up, regarding the
Shirley M appearance. Enjoy! :


In the "E! True Hollywood Story : Courtney Love" there are three small
Shirley Manson portions. The show itself runs two hours, but without
commercials, it's about an hour and a half long.

The first Shirley quote pertains to the April 1994 suicide of Kurt Cobain.
Shirley says:

"It was the love of her life. I spoke to her very shortly after his death
and she was, you know - devastated - and furious with him for, you know -
taking the easy way out."

The second quote is with regard to the release of Celebrity Skin and I think
she was asked about the Courtney/Corgan collaboration and the surrounding
backlash that was going on over writing credits, etc. She says:

"She never professed to be a solo artist. She's always made it very clear
that she needs to work with other musicians, and I certainly don't think
that makes Courtney a bad one, just because she can't do absolutely
everything on her own.
"Whenever you have a woman who is threatening or unapologetic about her
attitudes, I think you'll always have detractors who want to pull that
person down, because it makes them less threatening. So by denegrating their
talent or their abilities, the people feel they have a certain amount of
control over someone like Courtney [Shirley pauses briefly and smiles]
whereas, in fact, they don't." [Big happy smile]

And the third quote is actually the closing thought of the entire broadcast,
as it appears directly before the closing credits and is the final of a
montage of closing words from artists and friends. Shirley says:

"I think until someone can come along and do it better than she can,
Courtney is still gonna be around. So I think it's really up to the girls at
home - how long Courtney's got on top. [Smiling] If they can rise to meet
the warrior - [Big Shirley Laugh] - good luck, sister!! [More laughing]


The broadcast was informative and filled in a lot of spaces for me,
regarding Courtney's history. I enjoyed seeing Shirley in it, and I think
these were recently taped, the Shirley parts. I can't tell for certain. But
she looks amazing in them. Her hair is a lighter-than-red, but reddish, and
darker than blonde, coloring. It's pulled back in a way that reminds me of
her Version 2.0-era, pulled-back-hair look, but it somehow gives off a more
relaxed look pulled back - maybe because it's a bit shorter. And she just
had this total calming glow over her, like she's the happiest, most at ease
she's ever been.

Of course, I'm reading wayyyy too much into it, but from the moment I saw
her, I was just falling head over heels for her. Again. She looks and sounds

-Alan H.

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