[Trash-talk] [NGR] pancakes and cabin fever

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 2 16:58:59 PDT 2003

yeah, i can remember seeing those early 'friday the 13th' films or whatever
.. it's always the same predictable story: wild whoopie on a bunk bed at
camp and next thing ya know *wooooooosh* there's some really graphic death
sequence. lovely.

at least in 'cabin fever' it wasn't some idiot in a hockey mask -- it was an
actual *doon doon* virus!! (i threw in the drama noises for effect)

i was a little bummed - there wasn't enough gore. i was a huge fan of the
'evil dead' series. the second one - 'evil dead 2' - had some awesome gore.
but this movie had its moments. definitely worth seeing, maybe as a rental.

there was a preview for the new remake of 'texas chainsaw massacre',
speaking of teens dying in all sorts of disgusting ways. i never saw the
original, but in the new version you get to see jessica biel run around in a
tank top screaming. i might have to check that one out.

i bet she's the 'lone survivor'. haha.

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From: "xshirleyxvixenx *~*"

> oooh excellent. sounds perfectly fantastic. although all people ever seem
> do in horror films is have sex and then get mauled to death by something
> tragically disgusting. fabulous advertisement for abstinence. dont have
> kids, and you're less likely to have your face eaten by a revoluting
> puts a girl right off.

> >in case you haven't heard of 'cabin fever', it's a new venture into
> >cinematic gore, with the usual silly story of some teen-to-twenty-ers
> >up in the woods to party and have sex, only to fall victim to a zany
> >flesh-eating virus.

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