[Trash-talk] Pretty Girls Make Graves @ the Troubadour (NGR)

. Karin . qkarinb at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 23 14:16:54 PST 2003

Having had the pleasure of seeing this band twice this past summer (they are 
a local band) .. I can honestly say they are fanfuckingtastic. They kicked 
ass with their music, their high energy in addition to fantastic overall 

They have a new cd out titled : The New Romance
... go get it. its worth every cent ;)

visit their website : http://www.prettygirlsmakegraves.com

I might endure an all ages event on new years eve to see them again .... we 
shall see.
but I am looking forward to seeing much more of this amazing band in the 
upcoming years.


mr pongo wrote:
Shit. This band was so fucking good I can't even write a worthy review.
*** out of ***

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