[Trash-talk] the heart is deceitful above all things movie

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 15 16:34:30 PST 2003

if you plug the words "sarah the movie adaptation of jt leroy novel" into a
search @ dogpile.com you get a couple pages of good results.

but most of them are dated last year, the ones about SARAH! still .. they
all seem to be confirming that gus van sant's working on it. or *was*
scheduled to be working on it. courtney love and angelina jolie were cast in
the film .. so i mean, they even had casting done.

while on my search, i discovered a page that has a great shot of JT &
SHIRLEY M, and everyone else who was at that first JT reading awhile back :


and the article's good too.


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> from what i understand both films are being made.
> asia argento is making the heart is deceitful.
> i think gus van sant is making sarah?

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