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I totally agree  I  don't  like that message board either but these days
for some reason TT is soo quite.

But  anyway  I can tell you what  we have  done  last night as summary we
are gonna post some newspaper scans  and full story sometime tonight to our
website  www.Subhuman.net.

The day  started  early  for  us  unlike others who are  lucky enough get
hold of those  damn Ema Award tickets by  AMEX, competitions and auditions
had a comfort to turn  just before the awards.

We needed to  get into  the queue  for  "MTV in the Gardens" before 2pm
fortunately weather  was   excellent  after  queueing in a rainy night  afew
weeks ago  at 2 am  and managed to snap those free tickets.

Doors opened around 4pm,  we just walked down to the ross bandstand area
(where Garbage played for  opening of scottish parliement in 99) inside the
west end of princes street gardens.We  managed to get to the front row.
Stage looked modest, nothing special  except the  big  monkey logo.

We have  waited  n waited  for  while   some  edinburgh ema t-shirts were
keeping  throwing at the audience   by  the presenter of the show whenever
crowd  got  impatient  especially  we started to  feel cool nights of
november  made   it  worse by there was   surprisingly no clouds on sky .

At least the time passed nicedly by the  local  bands  dj ing   for us
(delgados and snowpatrol) we got  some    video messages just for the
gardens from   kylie, beyonce, travis etc saying   stay  warm n  have fun .
they rehearse the crowd for  screaming n  cheering ,  a girl  from MTV
nordic   took  stage  to make  presentation done for her part of the show as
pre -recorded  god  i think they took 3-4  try no wonder we lost our   voice
for a while.

Then  after a bit more  dj music .MTV ema pre-show started on the  screens,
After a few  glimpse of stars like sharleen from Texas, sean paul, beyonce
Shirley  appeared on the unimpressively  small digital screen. She looked
awasome, loved her  new  hair . Then  Jane's Addiction  took  stage for us
in the gardens. it was really really  good. After  that  black rebel
motorcycle club  took the stage   was very interesting for the first time
heard  but  but i loved it.

Then we connected back again to MTV this time for main awards ceremony, n
keep watching the performers.The n our presenter  said  vin diesel is gonna
be in the gardens for  announcing the  Chemical brother VS flaming lips  on
stage. Chemical   bro and flaming  lips took stage for a   rehearsing . Then
the   big time  came Vin diesel is  appread in his  specially tailored black
leather  kilt. i can still  hear the  scream in side my  head   by  wee mad
girls  screaming the  hell out  themselves.  Not forgetting the say  " lift
your  kilt up to him "
Then  after   his live connection  to the ceremony and announcing the
chemical bro and flaming lips   it was  really good   crowd  went   wild .

Then  after they finished  we thought there is no need to    wait  in the
gardens  to watch a show   that we are  already taping so  we headed to  our
special  mtv    after show  party  by Trevor  Nelson    by 9pm

He  hasn't appeared  til  1am or so . But  club  was  great such  posh  but
compact  at the same time. After a  tight  security check  we get into the
club  by walking over the  half  open   red carpet heheh .  then  waited for
celebs to turn up. :)

 Around 1am Trev   appeared played some  awasome music  then   aroun 2.30am
i think not sure   vip   lounge  in the upstairs got  busy  n  guess what
Missy elliot   just arrived. After she danced   abit    she came down
rapped a bit  on stage   sung her  new single,  then sung "work  it" . she
was so  cool. crowd went  wild .
before that  outkast was there as well.
then  after while  black eyed peas   appeared   after   rapping n dancing on
stage  they  sung   where is the love. Then Trev  announced that   in  VIP
lounge there is justin, beyonce, jay-z, sean paul.Altough he tried justin
and   jay-z  bring  up to the  stage . They preferred  watch  crowd
enjoying themselves   while  watching beyonce's dancer on stage.
 Then we  thought  it is  nearly   4 am we should      heading home. Picked
up  our    coats    just   heading  towards     the  corridor  suddenly   a
security   guard  directed  me  slightly   out of way     but we  kept
walking in  corridor     sudden;y      a big   army  of   bodyguards
caught my  eyes  at the  other  end of   corridor  then  realised the  a
little   and a very drunk   woman  which  happened to be Christina
aguilera  walkign   towards   while    we are walking  pass shoulder to
shoulder of  each other  n   she  gave  me a    careful   glance, that was
the  weirdest    eye  contact   ive ever  had. god  then    we walked of the
club on this   time properly  laid   red carpet  while some other ppl still
looking inside   to see .
   arrived home  ate some beans  and  toast. Weirdest day. i  just luv  this


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> why don't you people don't post (or at least forward?) any new
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> and  discovered  there  have already been some more available.. A picture
> Shirley arriving at the airport, a picture with Sharleen from backstage
> I don't like to miss out on garbage-related things... :(
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> anything  remotely  interesting... plus I think I just really prefer
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