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> Ok I'm sure I probably missed this bit of information but how exactly is
Garbage involved in this??? Sorry, I've had my "hell week" here at
University College Cork. Yep I've actually had to do work. It's very
bizaare. Of course I did it to myself by deciding to go to Venice the day
after a final and the day of and the day before i have papers due. Stupid
having to work ahead. Well I just finished the test and now to finish the
papers!!!! I'm going to Venice tomorrow baby!!! Woo hoo!!!
> **Lauren**


@nette's probably gonna wonder what the hell i'm doing up but anyway, here's
her original message that talked about the disney movie with garbage


Garbage "sighting"
[ posted October 11, 2003 ]

I was watching an American childrens movie today. Don't know the original
title, but the Norwegian title was E-mail To The President. It's about this
13 year old kid that becomes the President's advisor. It's a rather amusing
movie, but it turns to gold when Garbage get involved in the plot. The
President isn't paying enough attention to his daughter so his kid advisor
advices him to do something special for her, like getting Garbage to play
for her. It was quite amusing when the President came with the possible
headline in the papers; "Garbage at the White House" or something like that.
At the end of the movie the kid takes the President's daughter to a dance
and outside there's a sign that says "Welcome to [something] with GARBAGE as
our special guest".


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