[Trash-talk] ARRRRRGH!!!!!! *grrrrrrrrr*

starvin' at nette bowdowntoanette at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 28 15:13:51 PST 2003

I am super-duper pissed off because A) I'm super-tired from work, B) it 
turned out I'm not home alone like I thought I would be, C) not only am I 
not home alone, I've got two HORRIBLY annoying kids running after me nagging 
about EVERYTHING!!! D) I'm getting pre-menstural and that makes me 
hyper-aggressive! E)I have to work early Sunday morning and I just got an 
offer to go see Aphex Twin in Bergen Saturday night, plus the Jackass gang 
will be performing in Bergen Saturday night and I CAN'T GO TO EITHER unless 
I can change my shift from eary to late on Sunday!!!
FUCKING HELL, I'M PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Could someone please step forward so 
I can SMASH them to pieces??? Oh GOD, I HATE not being able to express my 
anger, all because I have to be nice to the fucking kids and at work I have 
to be nice to the fucking patients and all I want to do all day is scream 
and tell everyone to shove their tongues up their own asses to taste the 
shit they give us! GAAAAH!!!!
Loud angry music, please.


"You want the truth but you look right through it."

"And that's the end of that chapter..!"

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