[Trash-talk] My Garbage lithograph for sale on ebay

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Tue Mar 25 22:19:58 PST 2003

I have no idea....

>i mean, yeah its really great (and i dont want to sound so ungrateful here) 
>but its just an impersonal signature
Unlike this? http://pages.ivillage.com/bowdowntoanette//foranette.jpg
(sorry, saw this as an excuse to show it again...)
Anyway, I know what you mean, but it's a cool item, tho, right? I have a 
newspaperclipping of Shirley framed really beautifully on my wall. It's 
amazing how you can turn the most regular, boring newspaper reviews and 
photographs into something so beautiful. Cost me quite a bit to have it 
done, but I think it's worth it. It's a damn good photo, an ok review and 
the frame just completes it. It looks amazing. I'll do some pictures of it. 
Why do I mention this? Cos it's kinda similar. A regular photo has been 
taken, signed and framed. I have that poster and I'll admit, it's not my 
fave picture (Shirley looks cold), but sign it and frame it and it looks 
pretty fucking fabulous! (pardon my language)
Actually, I have a rather cute story about that Star poster. When I had 
long[er] hair my eldest nephew would often stare at the photo for the 
longest time. Then he'd turn to me and say "auntie Nettie (me) as a baby". 
Haha! After I cut my hair short he stopped saying it.. *lol*


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