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September 7? Isn't that her wedding day?


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> > Anybody here know the date that Shirley did that My
> > Life In CD Interview with Tracey MacLeod on BBC Radio 6??
> > It was sometime last year, but I can't remember when.
>The BBC website doesn't seem to go back that far and give dates of 2002 ...
>I found a cached page on google, written in spanish with some info on this
>I think it says September 7th 2002 is the date of the interview. My Spanish
>translation tool came up with this :
>"Shirley Manson was the star invited in the show of Tracey Macleod de Radio
>6. Thus it is, she was the guest in the study Sunday 7 of September between
>8 and in the morning according to official sources of BST in 11 BBC Radio 
>This information was extraida of the site of The Garbage Fan Site in its
>file of the news of the 2002 published the 7 of September of the present
>year; apparently more information of the direction of the BBC in England 
>be obtained. Although already the part of the show was updated with which
>Sunday will come from the next week, the one is a fact that was there."
>BTW, it looks like they have the interview here :
>I think it's 14 minutes long. It's kinda fun! Shirley and Tracey are
>listening to tunes and talking.
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