[Trash-talk] abandoned pools opinion on Garbage and their audience

the menace sms52 at drexel.edu
Tue Jun 17 17:38:30 PDT 2003

>===== Original Message From Pbecwar at aol.com =====
>If he really said that stuff, then he really has some nerve.  AP probably 
doubled their fan base on the Garbage tour.  There were some annoying people 
in the back of the venues yelling for Leah to take her top off so maybe he 
should talk about them.  Not the ones that waited in line all day to see 
Garbage and were grateful for an opening band that didn't completely suck.
>At least it's good to know Leah is making the rounds again.  MUST GET TICKET 

yeah we totally need to get leah to take her top off at this one!  pat, get 
the oaktag!  alan, get the magic markers!  i think huge trl-quality signs will 
be most effective.

i think abandoned pools were the only good band i've seen garbage with besides 
gvsb.  i was too little to see them with smashing pumpkins and i think i'll 
always kick myself for that.

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