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Hey Liz Phair went to my friend's high school.  It's like, the top public 
high school in Illinois composed mostly of north shore Chicago rich kids :)  
The rumor 'round the school was that she hated it, but I can't verify that 
or anything :)
(full of pointless information)

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>-Wow...thats a shame that Liz Phair was not good.  She is definitely not 
>same woman at all the made Exile in Guyville.  She wants to sell records 
>still wants to maintain her indie cred...I think she's starting to realize 
>she's losing it...and fast.  She is older, and wiser and has been in the 
>for a while.  It would be nice to go back to the Exile and Whipsmart
>days...but who the hell knows if thats ever going to happen again.  
>Motherhood and a
>little bit of a stylist making her look like a slutty rock star came into 
>-As for the Flaming Lips, seeing that band is like a religious experience.
>You are just lost in everything that they are doing and Wayne Cohen has got 
>be the most excited man in rock and roll.  His face lights up everytime he
>starts singing.  What an amazing time it is to see them.
> > I got a chance to go see this show when I was in Dallas last week. First
> > off, Wayne Coyne and the rest of the Lips are genius onstage. This
> > wasn't the best concert I've ever seen, but it was the most
> > entertaining, fun one. I went just to see Liz Phair and wasn't that
> > familiar with anything except a little bit of Yoshimi Battles the Pink
> > Robots but, after 6 1/2 hours of standing, sweating in the stagnant heat
> > and then walking four blocks in a downpour back to my car, it was the
> > Flaming Lips that had me smiling and feeling great about life. Liz who?
> >
> > Before the show, Wayne would come out the back door periodically, in his
> > white linen stage suit, to wave at the people in line and talk to
> > whomever would come up to the barricade. During the opening act,
> > Starlight Mints, he came out the sides of the stage to shake a balloon
> > animal or toss out giant balloons for the crowd to bounce about
> > overhead. Between sets he'd patrol the stage with a huge leaf blower,
> > cooling the audience. Starlight Mints were a little reminiscent of
> > Talking Heads.
> >
> > Liz Phair was good, but disappointing at the same time. I'd heard she
> > would be either solo, acoustic or stripped down. The latter certainly
> > applied. She came out in fishnet hose, knee-high boots, black panties,
> > purple t-shirt and a funky brown hat - puffy and droopy on top with a
> > long brim in front - think 60's Carnaby Street. Introducing herself as
> > "the musical interlude", she only played 6 or 7 short songs on Fender
> > Jaguar, with Starlight Mints guitarist playing bass for her and a roadie
> > (or maybe it was her famously young boyfriend) sitting on a chair
> > playing acoustic. There was a real thrown together at the last minute
> > feel to the set. A lot of people around me also came just to see her and
> > were left wanting a lot more from the experience.
> >
> > When the Lips came out, all but Wayne were in animal costumes. The
> > guitarist as a pink elephant. The bassist was a zebra. There were 7 or 8
> > extras (radio station employees and maybe fans) on each side of the
> > stage dressed as giraffes, unicorns, bears, Santa Clause, etc. all
> > dancing and waving high powered flashlights and balloon swords. The
> > stage props were incredibly low-tech and produced a happy, innocent
> > atmosphere. Hundreds of giant balloons, confetti, fake blood, robot
> > blow-up dolls. Wayne swinging a hooded work light with a long tail of
> > Christmas tinsel overhead, in Roger Daltry microphone style, batting at
> > the balloons or skewering them with a nail taped to the headstock of his
> > bizarre little acoustic guitar. Hundreds of giant homemade valentines
> > were passed out into the crowd - colored, heart shaped paper with silly
> > slogans written in Marks-a-lot such as "smile at at stranger" or "hey,
> > hello hey". Mine said, "see you at the vitamin store". They used nothing
> > the whole night that you couldn't buy at a hardware store or party
> > supply shop. The only complex parts of the show were the music onstage
> > and the synched video presentation throughout the set showing clips from
> > early 60's Charles Bronson combat movies, 70's topless bikini girls
> > kung-fu dancing, Teletubbies, and Japanese all girl action films or
> > animations with plots resembling the Yoshimi songs.
> >
> > It's too bad they're at the end of their tour. They play Bonnaroo today
> > and then a few dates in Norway, Montreaux, UK and Ireland. I've never
> > such a goofy, happy vibe at a show. The security guys were going up and
> > down the aisles, collecting armloads of empty bottles and trash and
> > disposing of them for fans. One of the biggest, meanest looking guys was
> > even cradling one of the small, heart shaped balloons to his chest,
> > swaying to the music. It was an evening full of strange sights.
> >
> >
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