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Mon Jun 2 18:28:37 PDT 2003

i *love* ash - i cant always work out why. they are just pure crowd-pleasing 
pop and they always were but it was damn cool. ive seen them live twice. and 
the second time was the most rowdy, crushed, sweaty gig ive ever been at. it 
seriously was impossible to even move your fingers or hands.

i suggest (although its probably now too late):
low ebb
a life less ordinary
submission (#you turn me on - you cut me with your tongue# - so good!)
wild surf
kung fu
uncle pat

oooh they are pretty northern irish wonders. :-D and tim is my cousin's 
cousin so ive heard which is kinda cool although my cousin is psychotic so i 
doubt he likes to mention it. perhaps i should say he's my uncle's nephew. 
my uncle is not psychotic. but yeah - ash = very cool. and the fact that 
your friends band is playing support = even cooler.


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i love it, i want it, dont make me leave you for it

for a long time i was in love
not only in love
i was obsessed

ive got to make a point these days
to extricate myself
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>Your lucky that your gonna go see Ash. Songs you might wanna check out by
>them are "burn baby burn", "shining light", "sometime", "wild surf" or
>"goldfinger". I might go see them in NYC w/ White Light Motorcade.
>                         -cana-
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