[Trash-talk] What look of Shirley's would you recreate foraphotosession?

xshirleyxvixenx *~* shirleyvixen at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 1 13:15:15 PDT 2003

believe it, i need it, i feel intoxicated
i love it, i want it, dont make me leave you for it

for a long time i was in love
not only in love
i was obsessed

ive got to make a point these days
to extricate myself
AIM: paranoidsupervix

>>plus, even though i'm normally as able to ramble as the next
>trash-talker, i am really behind on emails and things and so .. well maybe 
>everybody else is off at camp or something.

you are *forgiven* :P
>everything about that video was so amazing, such an 'accidental 
>masterpiece' [ i mean, there's no way they could've set out to get what 
>they got, it was too perfect, it was accidental perfection caused by 
>brilliant artists behind and in front of the camera] ...... i wanna see 
>what mark comes up with. if he went with an OHWIR  - inspired concept.

but hes just doing facial shots although originally i was completely 
overwhelmed by the exciting prospect of mark taking fabulous pictures of 
skewed colours andlight and oooh it excited me so much. i do love bright 
bright bright hot hot contrasts *strokes her hot pink tutu* so the idea of a 
photo shoot based on this would be excellent.. but facial shots are also 
powerful. im assuming of course a female model as the female form is much 
more pleasing than the male (i do apologise all you guys out there but women 
are so infinitely beautiful). hmm - colours. photography. oooh.


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