[Trash-talk] JT Leroy reading pics, other places to find G pics

Michele vr5sbloom at aol.com
Fri Jul 18 02:07:26 PDT 2003

lavixengirl at hotmail.com wrote:
> http://www.filmmagic.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=SRH&str=garbage&sfld=C&nvc=E&nvv=13968 
> yeah, that is a nice photo, michele. hmm, weren't the 1996 MTV awards in 
> New York City? probably just a typo.

According to the IMDB, it really was in Burbank. Which makes a lot more 
sense, because they did California radio station festivals at that time. 
Needs to be corrected on Garbagebase.


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