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Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 12 15:17:50 PDT 2003

D2 (Dukester 2) said he'd be back at some point .. when the band gets closer
to having a new release out. He's out of the TT loop right now but I've
emailed with him off-list. Actually I owe him an email. It's been weeks.

Shell is around - I've seen several posts on the garbage message board, and
he HAS posted here on TT, he's just pretty busy from what it sounds like.

Renee is probably being a summertime supervixen, too busy to stop dancing
and being an evil Texas grrl to post anything, but I bet she'll pop back up.
Maybe she'll bring Claire!

Thanks for the info confirming the wedding, Ian. Right after I posted what
I'd read on the garbage message board, I was typing up an old 1998 RAY GUN
interview (one of my favorites) for my MSN community archives, and in it
there was a little Butch/Beth content so for fun I'll post that part here:


"Right before Shirley left for Christmas last year, she sat Steve and Duke
and I down and said, 'You guys have to start making these songs sound
finished - quit noodling around,'" says Butch. "And then you kind of panic
and go, 'Oh fuck, we have to make a decision.' We had to set ourselves a

"'Cause otherwise we'd just keep going eternally," adds Shirley. "We're not
the type of band that's ever gonna sit down and say, 'It's finished. We've
made a good record.' It's never gonna happen. So we have to impose a set of

"I still can't really let it go," declares Butch. "I got up this morning and
listened to it. Beth [Butch's girlfriend] is going, 'It sounds fucking
great, leave it alone,' and I've got sweaty palms and heart palpitations."

"I actually can't listen to a lot of it," agrees Shirley. "I'm just dying to
get some distance between myself and the record."


[ this was Version 2.0 they were talking about, which had just been snatched
from their clutches the previous Sunday and was now in the hands of the
record company]


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From: "Ian Abbott" <iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk>

> Please don't ask for Dukester to come back... As for Shell, god knows
> what he's up to... Haven't heard anything at all from him.
> As for Butch & Beth (Alan's question), yes they got married on July 4th
> 2003... I was going to mention this to the group as no-one had picked
> up on it yet...
> Ian
> On Saturday, July 12, 2003, at 08:01 pm, petra wrote:
> > Loula?? Shell?? Dare I say DUKESTER???
> >
> > Lol. *CRIES* not like those who are posting aren't cool but I mean..
> > these people posted galore before-now they are gone!! Loula's excused
> > because she's out of ze country
> >
> > D: oh do I miss her
> >
> > Where's renee??
> >
> > Btw-renee I tried calling you and stuff. D: but no go

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