[Trash-talk] NGR: Sarah and that one band

Mark msp0 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 08:21:02 PST 2003


--- jearle <jearle at mail.ukans.edu> wrote:
> First of all, Merry Christmas, everyone!! :)
> I just read Sarah by JT Leroy. Since I'm sure a lot of you have read
> it, I 
> wanted to ask something. Did anyone else think it would make a great
> animated 
> film? I just kept thinking it would be awesome as a sort of
> adult-oriented 
> (obviously) cartoon movie. Just wondered if anyone else thought the
> same 
> thing.

I haven't read it, but it's ok with me as long as the people who did
the SYM video don't do it :-)


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