[Trash-talk] string quartet tribute to garbage

matt ifeelintoxicated at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 22:35:58 PDT 2003

i don't know if this already been mentioned, as  i
haven't been reading this list for a long time.

i recently started school at nyu, and as i was
browsing through the virgin megastore a block from my
dorm, i went to the garbage section as i always do in
stores.  and i saw a string quartet tribute to
garbage.  it's got 9 songs on it, and an original
composition by one of the musicians.  

tracks are: ohwir, drive you home (awesome), ttitkb,
stupid girl (best adaptation on there), queer, butg,
can't cry these tears anymore (listening to it now),
wigu, and special.  then the original song is called
"rapped in a pink rubber suit", i guess it's their own
little tribute to garbage.

since i've never seen it before, or heard of it, i
bought it for $19 (first cd i've bought at full price
my entire life).  i was surprised at the quality of
it.  i thought it'd be some half-assed attempt at
their songs, but they're really good.  the disc is on
viatamin records.  check it out.

good night,

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