[Trash-talk] Thank you Shell and Sirin!!!

Baz AngelicTrash at virbius.net
Wed Aug 27 01:16:10 PDT 2003

*sigh* I remember back to the days when I was a Trash-Talk virgin... Bah! Now look what's happened to me! It ruined me! It will corrupt your brain and take all your money away! Get away while you still can! RUN! RUN! GO FREE!!!!!!!

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  Hi everyone,

  Well, it's never too late to get things started so here is my first post, although i must admit that i have been on the list for a good while now...

  I have just returned to London after spending the most relaxing bank holiday weekend in Edinburgh, where i've met the coolest couple on our big blue planet for the first time, ie Shell&Sirin! 
  Thanks for the great chats and for spending the time with me, you guys rock! Hope to see you in London soon!!!


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