[Trash-talk] the "Quiz results" nightmare/annoyance

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 14 16:04:59 PDT 2003

petra wrote:

> what did you do?!

when i got a quiz from the BBD (diana), i participated in it, and then i
thought 'well shoot, i'm bored, i'll make one too' and so i did, and then it
asked me to send it to my friends. so i sent it to a bunch of people but
also sent it to trash-talk. i figured, hey, it would go there and that would
be the end of the story.

i didn't realise that it would send a hyperlink that caused every response
that people make from the trash-talk message to end up sending a SPAM-like
reply to the list when someone goes there and takes the test.

i have no clue on how to get rid of this annoying problem, now that the
damage is done - but at least it's not a computer virus (though it's the
next best thing, haha).

best thing to do : don't take my quiz, delete the posts, and they'll
hopefully stop arriving here as soon as a little time passes by.


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