[Trash-talk] Long Beach 11/29 setlist and review

blisteringheat blisteringheat@earthlink.net
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 13:33:50 -0800


Fuck, where to start?! What a brilliant show. NMI, Hammering and Vow all in
the same set and as an opening band. We went back to Steve's side for this
one, and we had him laughing during the very first song. We bought six sets
of roses (each with one pink and two red roses) for each member of the band
plus crew. We also had signs and some Godiva chocolates. About halfway
through the set Shirley came over to get everything. "Ooh, time to collect
my presents!" We had way too much for her, so Chad had to come out and help
her out. During the other shows it seemed as though Shirley kind of spent a
lot of time in front of the No Doubt fans, trying to win them over or
whatever, but this show was strictly for Garbage fans from the start. She
was over us almost the whole show, singing and laughing and having a blast.
She even went back to holding the mic over our heads while we screamed the
choruses as loud as we could. When the intro Hammering started the whole
arena was kind of silent except for our little group who were going CRAZY!
It was so much damn fun. And they did do Call Me during No Doubt's encore,
but no Deborah Harry like we were hoping. When Shirley went out on the
catwalk during that song the place went beserk for her. That was pretty
cool to see. This time Butch joined Adrian on drums as well, so Steve was
the only absent one.

Something that struck me this tour is how much more confident Garbage has
become as a live band. Remember when they used to play the SAME set night
after night for months at a time? I mean maybe there was the occasional
Trip My Wire or something (usually b/c some crazy fan(s) kept begging for
it!), but generally they stuck to the same setlist. And as an opening band
things were even more bland as they would only play their singles. Well
those days appear to be history. It's gotta make things more fun for them,
and it's a great reward for those of us who go to multiple shows during the
same tour.

On the flip side of that is No Doubt, who not only play the same set every
night but whose every move is choreographed and every line is rehearsed a
thousand times over. Yes they were a LOT of fun the first and second time
around, but by last night it was like enough already. I see no excuse for
that, as they had to realize they'd be playing in front of pretty much the
same fans for five of six nights. If I hear Gwen ask where her girls are at
ONE more fucking time...  ;)

Favorite quote: "He's the bass player you fucking moron!" - Shelly to a
rather large and mean looking security guard who wouldn't let poor Daniel
into the backstage area from the parking lot.

Second favorite quote: "See you next year!" - Shirley  :)

with love,


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