[Trash-talk] Tattoo or no?

Renee "Danger" Fernandez renee@newinfection.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 08:28:20 -0600

1. I have a non-garbage-related tattoo on my lower stomach... a kitty cat
with cherries...
2. well yeah. you're getting stabbed over and over again by a needle. the
place you get it totally matters though. the place i got is one of the more
painful. one of the least painful is the outside of the upper arm.
3. see number one
4. i got ripped off. shop around but have someone good. with a rep. don't be
afraid to approach someone with a beautiful tattoo and ask who did it and
try to get a phone number.
the black G with the pink edges will be a lot cheaper than the rose if you
want the rose to actuallyt look like the BG rose as opposed to a default
tattoo rose. i thought about getting the shattering rose spreading across my
lower back...
5. no. it becomes a part of you. if garbage is an important part of your
life now, even if they're not later it's like a snapshot, a memory, a
tribute to this moment in your life.


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> Hey- i really am thinking about getting a g tattoo. Those of you who have
> - help me out. I want either a G with black and pink aroung the edge or
> BG rose design with GARBAGE across it. on my arm
> 1. Whatyd ya get?
> 2. did it hurt?
> 3. Where is it
> 4. cost
> 5. Do you regret it?
> alayna
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