[Trash-talk] Shirley's new boots ( plus new TTB fan fiction )

Alan Hoppe achoppe@earthlink.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 18:18:33 -0800

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From: Renee Danger Fernandez <renee@newinfection.com>

> ok.. so what are our respective powers?

well .. they are subject to revision as your TV series enters new seasons
and a new writing staff develops new plot arcs, twists, and ratings ploys,
but ...

> claire has telepathy

yeah, we wanted to make sure she had a cool headset, too - she's like the
'dawn' character in buffy - the youngest of the TTB. but with a big
difference - she doesn't get into trouble every tuesday night, she is more
of a problem-*stopper*.

for now she just has telepathy. but by season 3 i'm sure she'll be having
some total matrixey bad-ass powers.

> lauren has time travel

well, that is your assumption based on a teaser i threw out there. but yeah
.. time travel is probably in the mix there for the lauren character. she
was supposed to be in that pilot episode concert sequence but .. well, she
probably *will be* because of the time travel element. this could get

> elfie is the queen of the dance

lmao .. maybe i should've consulted her first. i actually never saw her
dance *once* when we met. so i went out on a limb with that. but *you* came
up with 'queen of the dance' and i love it. hooray! elfie is queen of the
dance .. and my mind races excitedly with thoughts of what elfie's powers
are. i don't know yet. but somehow hot cocoa and pancakes will enter into
her storyline somehow. perhaps she needs those food groups to re-energize
following matrix-like dance maneuvers.

> the BBD is so mysterious we may never know the true extent of her
> powers..

the BBD is the true 'mystery' TTB character, at least for now. every good
action drama has a clandestine character shrouded in mystery and intrigue.
she is a lone figure of the night who appears with a whip and saves the day
.. or night .. and has ties to elfie. more will be revealed :)

> what about petra and i?

you two are like .. the glue that holds the TTB coven together. with other
adventure series, there would be like .. just *one* character who is the
glue. but not so with the TTB - mostly because yer all a bunch of
high-maintenance chicas. shirley would be proud. in fact, she is, i'm sure.
or is this all a dream?

so .. as the storylines progress and we get to know the TTB better, your
powers will pop up left and right as you hold down the fort and so forth.
but this doesn't mean the writers will ignore your characters or leave you
out of the excitement, no no.

besides, you two got to have cool hovercraft bodystockings .. i would think
that to be a cool thing to have for a pilot episode.

> oh this is way too much fun...

yeah! unfortunately, my email was hacked by fox mulder and he and scully are
investigating the TTB. and it looks like there are a lot of weird as-of-yet
unexplained tie-ins between your coven of bunnies and various other
netherworlds of pop culture drama lore .. crossovers and things. so, my big
drawback to communication in all of this is my limited email / internet time
these days. but with that weirdo mulder posting, maybe there will be enough
material to keep the fun happening!



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> >> I want to be included in the Texas Trash Bunnies!! I am from Texas
> >> too ya
> >> know!! Alan!! You forgot me!!! =(
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> > I'm sorry Lauren. I got kinda freaked out because that concert
> > sequence was
> > so intense. I know you were there too - probably involved in some sort
> > of
> > time travel sequence that won't show up til the sequel. Or the WB
> > series or
> > Marvel comic series.