[Trash-talk] Shirley's new boots

Fox Mulder scully_itsme@hotmail.com
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:04:19 -0800

Ha haaaaaaaaaa. Bill! When I read that tour diary entry from Shirley I had 
tons of imagery rolling through my mind. What fun.

*wearing nothing but my underwear and I've got to confess,I look pretty 
damned cute* ( favorite part )

And I thought of a Jimi Hendrix bootleg of .. no wait. It was *two seperate* 
Jimi Hendrix bootlegs, of two different cities in Texas where he and the 
Experience performed back in '68 or '69. He talked to the crowd about his 
new cowboy boots at one of the shows and said "I'm probably the biggest 
square in the building!" and that's what they titled the bootleg ( The 
Biggest Square in the Building ). And he talked about his boots during both 

We have so many Texas Trasher Bunnies on this list, they probably all roll 
their eyes when someone starts going on about cowboy boots.


Don't know what any of this has to do with anything .. but I'm out here. I 
just couldn't think of anything to say @ the time.


>From: Bill Shaw <Bill.Shaw@hds.com>

>anybody out there?
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Bill Shaw [mailto:Bill.Shaw@hds.com]

> > I bet Shirley looks cute in cowboy boots and underwear!
> >
> > Shirley wrote:
> >
> > Monday
> > Spent a day off in Pheonix yesterday and purchased my first
> > ever pair of
> > cowboy boots and what's more,I bought them from an actual
> > cowboy himself who
> > was sitting there chewing on a matchstick with his dusty old
> > boots propped
> > up on the shop counter and his stetson way down low over his
> > eyes.I swear he
> > looked like he had just stepped out of a movie!!!
> > Anyway,I don't know if I will actually ever wear the boots I
> > bought but just
> > to have and to hold them is a delight unto itself. I keep
> > pulling them out
> > of my suitcase and poncing about my hotel room in them
> > wearing nothing but
> > my underwear and I've got to confess,I look pretty damned cute.

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